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What's a Jafflechute? So glad you asked.

Jafflechutes is a little float-down, pop up eatery that I co-founded with friends Huw Parkinson and David McDonald in 2014. Our business model is simple – order your jafflechute via Paypal, find the drop zone marked by an 'X', and get ready to catch!

Since our debut launch on the windiest August day in half a century, we've rained thousands of delicious cheese sandwiches upon hungry customers (and mischievously placed trees) around the secret laneways of Melbourne.

After word of this highly-flawed-yet-entertaining business spread online, we took off across the Pacific and embarked on a four-week tour of Canada and the USA.

These days, the Jafflechutes team are just as likely to be dispensing life advice as they are promoting McDonald's All Day Breakfasts.

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