Pimp My Myki


Recently featured by AWOL Magazine as one of 10 Melbourne Things That Are Almost Too Hip To Be True.

Between 2014 and 2016, I offered three services – Pimp My Myki, Bearki and Puzzle My Myki – with the aim to personalise the drab public transport cards of Melbourne commuters. 


— Neil Mitchell, 3AW Radio


On launch, Pimp My Myki service caused a stir, as Victorian Government officials warned against people 'tampering' with their cards in statements to The Age, 3AW radio and mX. The result for me, of course, was an influx of orders. 

In 2015, the Pimp My Myki evolved into Puzzle My Myki, a match-making card personalisation service, designed to bring commuters closer together.

Each ‘puzzled’ myki is hand-painted and paired with a corresponding card. Both are then distributed to separate customers, who are challenged to find each other during their travels.